Thursday, 9 July 2009

The end is near

Im really gutted to have to tell you all that the end for the ripped is now in sight. the situation we have faced since the disaster period has got even worse and we can now longer even aford to pay the business rates let alone all the other bills and depts that have amounted since the disaster period. I have now had to hand in the final 3 month notice of closure. this is not like the other times where we have managed to scrape thru month by month, its real this time. the final closing date will be the 1st of october 2009.
We will be hosting a big goodbye bash/all-nighter towards the end but for now you have just under 3 month to use the park as much as you can, for your own benifit (not ours this time) there is no pressure to use the park now as it is defo shutting down but why not make the most of it while you still can!!
keep checking back for updates on the bash but for now
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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

News update and new session prices

the ripped is very much on its way out unless more of you start skating it asap. im not sure even after all this time that people realise if you dont use it you will lose it. well we are prity much at that point again. nothing has changed in terms of custom, infact it is getting even worse. how do people expect us to stay open when the last couple of weeks we have only taken £25 from tuesday to friday. this means only 5 people turned up for a mid week shred. we know its getting hot again and there is now plenty of choices of outdoor parks to skate for free in west yorkshire but unless you still support your indoor parks, you will have no where to skate thru winter.
to try help thru the broke time we have just dropped membership and entry prices.
for everyone its now just
£3.50 for an hour
£5 for half a day (up to 4 hours)
£10 for a full day (anything over 4 hours or till we shut)
we hope this might help a few more of you to be able to get down for a skate and support thru these last legs of the park!
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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Check the Steez!!!!!

Joe Howards big frontside indy disaster sequence from the "Rather Ripped" article in the lateset issue of sidewalk mag
photo sequence by silent will
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Rather Ripped artical/interview in Sidewalk mag

just to let you all know, the latest issue of sidewalk mag contains an artical on the all-nighter before last with sequence pic of joe howards big indy D on the deathbox and other pics, plus an interview with yours truely on the day to day running of the park and recent struggles.
go out and pick a copy up at your local newsagents or wh smiths, or, to read the full unedited interview plus watch recent ripped edits and skan some pics, please visit or follow this link straight to the piece
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Quick bowl session part 2

featuring joe howard, jordan kaye, oliver murphy, land shark dave and paul graham
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Petition for council funding for the ripped

thanks to owen nagy the council have agreed to consider funding the ripped if we can get enough people to sign a petition.

below you will find a link to sign our online petition or alternativly you can copy and print out the version of the petition below the link and get as many people to sign it as you can, we need as many names as possible. you can drop it back in at the park or send it back to us at our address down the side of the blog.

thanks in advance

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Relentless Ride with us tour 09

the ride with us tour is back again but this time ran by relentless, the tour starts at the ripped skatepark on saturday 4th july at 6pm, £2 entry. with music from the gentlemans pistols and various skate jams and comps. the tour is open to anyone with transport money for food and a sleeping bag, so why not join in? if not, at least make it to the ripped starter day.
also on this day we are having an all day graffiti jam hosted by local crew UKS, live graffiti, dj's, beatboxers, mcs, bbq, stalls and loads of other random stuff. 12 till 6pm £5 entry
flyer coming soon
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